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Why do some pages have audio files and others do not?: At this time, Chicago Chamber Musicians does not have permission to present all of the recordings in the archive. Permission to present certain recordings deals with a variety of issues including works that are in the public domain, guest artist contracts, music publisher rights, etc. Chicago Chamber Musicians is currently working to secure the rights to present our entire archived collection.

Why can't I download the audio files?: The music files on the CCM online archive are streaming audio files. They cannot be downloaded. If you would like to download select audio files, please check out the FREE CCM monthly download feature on our web home page at, or it is possible to purchase them from a variety of online music retailers.

Why aren't the earliest seasons available? Hasn't CCM been in existence since the 1980's?: CCM was founded in 1986 and we have been performing continuously since that year. In the first two and a half seasons, CCM used cassette tapes to record performances. Those recordings were deemed to have an inferior sound quality and were not placed on the archive.

How do I use the audio player?: The audio player is present on every page in the archive where an audio file is available for playback. To activate the audio player, simply run the cursor over the black arrow on the right side of the player icon. This will activate the player and sound should start playing almost immediately. Some audio files may have a long pause until sound begins because of the nature of the recording.

How do I adjust the audio player volume?: Once you have activated the audio player, five graduated bars will appear on the left hand side of the player icon. Clicking your cursor on these bars to darken/lighten them increases/decreases the volume of the audio playback.

How can I jump ahead to the next track on the audio player?: When the audio player is activated, there will appear to the right of the volume controls, a screen that will display the Track # and the play time elapsed on the track. On either side of this screen will be an arrow. The arrow pointing to the left will move the audio player back one track when clicked with the cursor. The other arrow points to the right and will move the audio player forward one track when clicked with the cursor.

How do I stop the audio player?: When the audio player is activated, two dark vertical bars will appear at the far right side of the player. Clicking on these bars will stop the audio player.

How do I advance the audio player to another point in the file?: When the flash audio player is activated a small green line will advance to indicate the progress of the streaming download. Another faint gray-colored bar will appear that indicates the progress of the audio file playback. If you run the cursor over this light gray bar, you can advance the playback of the audio file or return it to a previous point of play.

Why can't I listen to the encoreccm audio files while I am on other sites?: You can continue to listen to the audio files on as long as you surf other sites by opening either a new window or tab in your web browser.